Our Brave New Brand

You might have noticed, things have changed around here. Our old ‘smiling face’ has been with us since 2011 and it has served us well. As time passed, Top Job matured and we felt we needed something which reflected the nature of how we work.

Working alongside a local branding and communications company, our first step was to think long and hard about what we stood for. We knew that we wanted to send the message that we are here to stay and here for the future, but in what way? Our conclusion was that we were ambitious to grow but importantly, that growth had to stem from doing business in the right way.

Our brand was not just about the way we looked but the way we behaved, the way we treat our clients, candidates, suppliers and staff. We came to some interesting conclusions as we firmed up our Vision, Purpose and Values and it led us to the new visual identity you see now.  We like the two-sided nature of recruitment, we are there to help people find work and we are there to help businesses find people. There’s nothing strange about that in recruitment terms but what makes us stand out is that we are local and independent. In short, we know the area (arguably better than ANY other agency) and we are free from the encumbrance of the large corporate recruitment chains. We can be flexible, we can change approaches rapidly to suit our client and candidate needs and importantly, our owners work at the desks. We can implement change as we need it to occur.