Not your ordinary security service

Your needs are the only driver for the security we provide you. Our fully trained security, technology and consultancy teams are led by experts in their fields, but all work together as one security company, towards the same goal: the safety of your people, buildings, assets and reputation.

  • Top Job’s security guard service provides

    Experienced security managers who drive standards and encourage continuous improvement
    Dedicated security officers with detailed knowledge of the site and personnel
    Flexible staff that are able to react to customer requirements on a local basis
    Reliable, nationally approved trained personnel that are available at all times
    Value Added Services to integrate security into your business operations
    Access to rapid backup and support
    Top Job’s security officers are trained to the highest standards by a fully approved National Open College Network (NOCN) trainer, which provides them with the relevant skills to deal with any situation.

  • New tech keeps you extra safe

    We use the latest RFID technology to trigger messages to key security sites and to monitor the status of patrols in a live environment.

  • Corporate Security

    Front of House Security
    Physical building protection
    Access Control administration and management
    Reception Staff
    Life Safety Specialists

  • Retail Security

    Store Security Officers
    Store Detectives
    Bespoke Retail and Loss Prevention training programme
    Loss Prevention Managers
    Store re-fit and refurbishment security
    Fast Response Teams

  • Shopping Centres

    Award winning bespoke training programme
    Detailed Centre Security Policies and Procedures
    Community Safety Accreditation Scheme
    The Derwent Initiative
    Close working with external agencies
    Project Griffin / Project Argus

Project Griffin aims to encourage members of the community to work in partnership with the police to deter and detect terrorist activity and crime. This will be achieved by working with the community to.

Project ARGUS is a series of interactive counter-terrorism workshop designed to promote awareness of the terrorist threats relating to businesses. The events are free and take place regularly.