These are our lighthouse principles. They don’t move and they guide us. We want to be good, but more than that, we want to be good for our clients.

  • Temporary staff. From 1 to 100.

    Top Job is here to help you fill that vital gap in your business and often at short notice. We supply for clients who need one key person covered in the office or for others who need CSCS card holders to help with construction/engineering projects. We can also supply large amounts of temporary staff to support events or to be deployed as manual workers in factories.

    In short, we can fulfil your temp staff needs whether it’s 100 people for one day or one person for 100 days!

  • Finding the right person to fit into your business.

    Perhaps your business has grow, someone got promoted, someone moved on? We can work with you to help you to find the right person to slot into the way your business works. We recognise that it’s not just skills and qualifications but attitude, values and personality that helps you to get the right kind of fit. We can cover all sectors but specialise particularly in sales, office, and legal staff. Our candidate screening process means that you don’t have to waste time filtering through CVs and wading through vast amounts of first interviews. Not only that, we guarantee to beat the selection fee for any other agency.

  • Specialised Service

    We have dedicated consultants specialising in permanent and temporary vacancies and in their particular areas of recruitment.

  • Experienced Consultants

    Our fully-trained consultants can offer advice on many aspects of recruitment, helping you in finding the most suitable candidate with the required skills for each assignment.

  • Client Visit Policy

    Wherever possible, our staff visit your work environment to enable us to correctly assess your staffing needs and form a greater understanding of your business.
    Here at Top Job Recruitment we always strive to put your needs first and foremost, offering you a reliable, professional service.

  • Temp to perm no problem!

    We’re not just here to make money out of you. Our success is only measured by your success. When we find you a great person and you want to keep them on. If you have a temp from us for more than 12 weeks, they’re yours if you want at no extra charge.

  • Bespoke packages available

    It’s important that you get exactly what you need. We can provide bespoke services to suit your requirements. For example, some large scale clients ask us to deploy our clocking in system so that time sheets can be effectively managed. We can do that.

Why work with us?

Supporting our clients through new technology

At Top Job we don’t just supply staff, we care about how they make you more effective as an organisation. In support of this, we have invested in the use of tech to help make managing your workforce more efficient.

The Top Job Time Machine is a quick-to-setup, easy-to-use time and attendance system that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a front-facing camera.

Using this great technology, employees can punch in and out in less than a second, and becauseTop Job Time Machine runs in the cloud, there’s no software or servers to maintain. Managers can see who’s in and run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere.

Top Job deploysTop Job Time Machine to support our clients who are looking to track time and attendance without the usual costs and overhead of traditional systems such as the laborious time sheets!