Kathy Ovens


As the founder of the business over 40 years ago there is not a lot Kathy hasn’t seen! She is still an integral part of the business although she splits her time with other interests. Thousands and thousands of people have had the joy of meeting and dealing with Kathy over the years and she continues to demonstrate how recruitment should be done!

  • What I would do if I won the lottery.

    Get the next plane to Las Vegas.

  • What is your favourite food?

    King Prawns with Scallops in a white wine sauce.

  • What film title best describes your life?

    The best exotic Marigold Hotel.
    I feel that is where I could end up being half- way there already

  • What do people call you?

    A pain when at work.

  • What is your favourite season and why?

    Spring it makes me feel I want to be doing new things.

  • What’s the best surprise present you could receive?

    A big fat cheque.